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Is Your Ear Pierced?

Exodus 21: 1-6 If one should obtain an Ivriy servant 6 years he shall serve. He shall go free on the seventh Year. If he came in by himself he shall go out by himself. If his master gives him a woman and she bear him sons and daughter he shall leave by himself. Unless he decides that he loves his master and his woman and the children. Then he shall say I will not go Free. He will then be brought before the judges and he shall be brought to his masters doorpost and the master shall pierce his ear through with an aul and he shall Serve his master forever. In this case the master is Yahuah. The door is Yahusha. The servant is us. We must proclaim our love for Yahuah. We must go to the door who is Yahusha. We must have our ears pressed to the door and hear and obey the words of Yahuah.

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