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Zamar Yasharel Tee

Zamar Yasharel Tee

Oficial Zamar Yasharel Tee


Who is Zamar

Zamar Yashar'el of New Orleans Louisiana is a father of 4 and married to his Isha of 12yrs. R&T (Ruach and Truth) recording artist Zamar Yashar'el is invoking the Kodesh sound of Hebraic Worship and Praise while proclaiming the name of the Most High Yahuah! His raspy vocal texture and rich melodic tone instantly sets the atmosphere for the presence of the Ruach HaKodesh to move. The Most High has called Zamar to be a Priest of Worship to proclaim the name and establish the GAI sound in the awakening. "My desire is to attract the presence of the living Yah every time I open my mouth". Switching the atmosphere, creating a safe ground that the mishpacha that join in worship can feel safe to be vulnerable in his presence is the goal of Zamar's worship. Zamar Yashar'el is releasing his first Kodesh album proclaiming the name Yah in every song. Songs like "Oh My Yah" and "In The House" instantly captivates the listener, empowering the ruach of worship. "The Awakening" album is here dedicated to the royal house of Yashar'el. 


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