House of Chadashah

Shalom mishpaka I am Chadashah Yahu part of DIVINE 5 APPAREL. We are a company whose foundation is YAHUAH/ YAHUSHA. Creating clothing  with meaning for our people .

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Tribe Life black mockup.png

Tribe Life
Item# 0001

The Tribe life design is a wheel within a wheel with the tent secured by a tent peg with the swords representing the ancient path. Also the life we lead in YAHUAH/ YAHUSHA. 

Modern Warfare mockup.png

Yahuah Tsevaoth
Item# 0002

YAHUAH Tsevaoth. This design represents the Ancient path being the modern way we go into battle Ruachally.

Lion of Yahudah mockup.png

Lion of Yahudah.
Item# 0003

Lions of Yahudah this design represents who we are.